Quality Essentials Skills Training (QuEST) Day 2

Wednesday, February 22, 2017 8:00 AM-Wednesday, February 22, 2017 3:00 PM

MHA Keystone Center
Location: Offsite

Quality Essentials Skills Training (QuEST)

Location: VistaTech, Livonia

In an effort to offer more Quality Improvement trainings in the Great Lakes Partners for Patients (GLPP) HIIN, we are offering the Quality Essentials Skills Training (QuEST). QuEST is a two day quality improvement training intended for quality managers/leaders, HIIN topic team leaders, point-of-care staff and others that are new or need a “re-tread” on basic quality concepts (PDSA and data).

QuEST is a “Quality Improvement 101” intended to arm individuals at the hospital level with the quality improvement and data skills needed to improve performance and results. Two QuEST trainings will be held in each state of the GLPP HIIN in 2017; in Michigan, Feb. 21 and 22 at VistaTech, Livonia and Apr. 4 and 5 at Calvin College, Grand Rapids. This event is being offered free of charge through the GLPP HIIN and we encourage participating GLPP HIIN hospitals to bring staff members from their clinical teams who they feel would benefit from the training. We welcome teams! Registration will be coming soon.

QuEST learning objectives

First Day:

At the end of the learning session, you should be able to:

Discuss the role of a project facilitator

Identify the basic steps to use in a PDSA project

Discuss the importance of a data-driven approach to quality improvement


Second Day:

Presenter: Davis Balestracci, international quality expert & author

At the end of the learning session, you will be able to:


Discuss process-oriented thinking as the foundation of any improvement approach – clinical or administrative

Identify the types of  unintended destructive common analyses examples  

Discuss the crucial distinction between “common” and “special” causes of variation

Identify different strategies for dealing with causes of variation



Feb. 7 and 8



Apr. 25 and 26




Feb. 14 and 15



Apr. 11 and 12




Feb. 21 and 22

VistaTech, Livonia


Apr. 4 and 5

Calvin College, Grand Rapids