Person- and Family-Centered Healthcare

As a foundational concept, the MHA Keystone Center is committed to partnering with hospitals to help advance Person- and Family-centered Care in Michigan. It is through person and family engagement (PFE) strategies, which foster collaboration between patients, families and clinicians to move toward mutually agreed-upon goals, that we build a person- and family-centered healthcare system.

MHA Keystone Center PFE Council

Formed in November 2013, The MHA Keystone Center Patient & Family Engagement Council provides guidance and support to the MHA Keystone Center on the multifaceted efforts to help promote and accelerate the spread of person- and family-centered care across the state. Made up of staff, individual stakeholders and patient advisors, the council ensures the voice of patients and families are incorporated into all MHA Keystone Center quality and safety initiatives. The Council also provides a great opportunity for networking, collaboration, and sharing of best practices for members.

The MHA Keystone Center would like to recognize the following PFE Steering Committee members for their continued support and guidance:

  • Susan Kheder, St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor and Livingston
  • Marjorie Mitchell, MICHUHCAN
  • Kelly Parent, University of Michigan Health System
  • Marilyn Potgiesser, Bronson Healthcare Group
  • Deb Sprague, Spectrum Health
  • Molly White, University of Michigan Health System
  • Stephanie Young, Spectrum Health

MHA Keystone Center PFE Road Map

With the guidance of the MHA Keystone Center PFE Council, the MHA Keystone Center developed a Road Map to PFE which contains 12 recommended policies and practices fundamental to improving the quality of care for patients in hospitals. Hospitals working with the MHA Keystone Center are encouraged to implement a minimum of two new PFE practices a year from the list included in the Road Map.

A Road Map to Person and Family EngagementIn an effort to promote member success stories, share PFE best pratices and educate the public on the importance of person- and family-centered healthcare, the MHA Keystone Center launched a digital campaign titled, Patient & Family Engagement - Seeing the Person Behind the Patient. The campaign challenges healthcare providers to look beyond the patient and see the person, the individual they are caring for. The campaign launched on LinkedIn and can be followed in the MHA Newsroom.


The MHA Keystone Center is a proud Pinwheel Sponsor of the Institute for Patient- and Family-Centered Care.


MHA Keystone Center members can access PFE resources on the MHA Community

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